First off, thanks so much for visiting the site.

My name is Martin and I’m the person behind Nifty Photo.

I base myself out of (sometimes) sunny Chorley in Lancashire, England but regularly travel across the North West and further afield to capture weddings for awesome couples like you!

I am an experienced wedding photographer and take a massive amount of pride in capturing and being part of one of the most important days in your life.

The majority of my work is ‘documentary style’ and unobtrusive – you might hear some people say ‘reportage’ or ‘story telling’. In an ideal world I’d be invisible I suppose!

However, I like to think I have the creativity and personal skills in order to capture awesome portraits that don’t make you feel uncomfortable. I often work with couples who are particularly nervous about being photographed. Having had photos taken myself I totally understand why – because it sometimes feels really weird! I want to take away any preconceptions you have about that part of the day and put you at ease; in fact I want us to have a laugh.

Choosing a photographer is a tough decision nowadays with so much choice available. Cool photos are obviously really important but it’s equally important you get the right photographer for YOU – and I’m talking about personality here, which is pretty hard to distinguish from a photo. I’ll be with you pretty much all day so it’d be good for you to get an idea about what I’m like, right?

“Would recommend Martin totally made our special day so easy and captured the day perfectly. Thanks Martin”

A bit about me…

I’m not ‘cheesy’ or majorly ‘in your face’ extroverted like some people in the business but I don’t shy away from getting things sorted when required either. I think I’m a happy medium!

I’m in my mid thirties, married with two lovely daughters Erin & Órla.

I want to be the best wedding photographer in the world and capture images better than real life which keeps me really enthusiastic about what I do. I’m always looking to better my work with every wedding I shoot.

You hear some horror stories about ‘grumpy’ or ‘overly flamboyant’ photographers and I don’t want to be either of those things. I want to be approachable, friendly and efficient – delivering you an amazing set of images that you’ll treasure and share for a lifetime.

Hopefully that gives you a good idea about my style and approach, you’ll find a bit more about me on the site.

Feel free to check out my portfolio and I regularly post to Instagram too (@niftyphoto).

I have a contact form on the website for enquiries or you can email me with any enquiries at info@niftyphoto.net and I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

Thanks for stopping by!